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Worldview-Centric Design

I tend to write some type of essay or blog post about this topic around once every year. Like most of my views, my opinions on game design are constantly being revised and developed. This post may not accurately reflect all of my current or future beliefs about design.

You can read an updated version of this post at Gamasutra.


Normally I would start a discussion like this by going over some definitions. That’s a little bit tricky with this topic, because what I’m trying to do is explain some of the origins and reasons behind the definitions and heuristics that I use. There are only a small number of things I want to clarify before getting into the actual interesting bits of design philosophy. Continue reading

Eyes Open Kickstarter Postmortem

The Situation

We ran the Eyes Open Kickstarter from August 2nd to September 1st, with a funding goal of $8,000.  By the end of the campaign, we had raised just over $5,000.  “We” was three people from my college, the Rochester Institute of Technology – Sean Brennan, Sarah Armstrong, and myself.

One of the goals we had going into Kickstarter was to document the entire process.  We wanted to be able to show people the experiences we had, so we spent a fair amount of time trying to document our Kickstarter strategies and situations as they happened. Continue reading

Emotion in Media

This is an essay I wrote in collaboration with my college roommate, Robert Adams.  It’s a sixteen page discussion on art and manipulation that, if nothing else, sums up some of my most fundamental views on game-design, and some of the reasons why I find the field so compelling.  It’s not the most polished paper (it was written on a minimal amount of sleep), but this is a topic that interested both Rob and me immensely, and that we both kind of just jumped into with a rather reckless bravado, despite its depth.  We’d both like to keep expanding on it some day, although that’s pretty distant in the future right now.

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Review of Rudolf Kremers’ Level Design

I did this essay a little while back in review of a section of Rudolf Kremers’ book, Level Design, which is a fantastic read.  I have an affinity for writing like Kremers because I tend to make many of the same mistakes in my own; In a way, you could make a point about glass houses, especially since Kremers does definitely win out on the ‘readability’ front.

PDF embed below: Feel free to link/quote, but please don’t republish or reuse without my permission.  Plagiarism is bad.