The Organizer Schedule and Feature Roadmap

Dates/goals are tentative and subject to change.  This page will be updated as we progress through development.

Reading Guide

F - Designates that a goal has been met. If at all possible, I won’t modify this until the game is released.

S - The goal requires additional work to be considered ‘complete’, but fulfills its original requirements to a satisfactory degree.

B - I’ve begun work on this goal, but it isn’t finished.

X –  Abandoned.

Extra notes are designated by italics.

January : Core-gameplay Completion

The goal for January is to get most of our programming done, so that we can devote February to making content.  We’re going to be entering the game into a number of contests and events, including Imagine RIT, the Microsoft Imagine Fund, and the Experimental Gameplay Workshop at GDC.

[ F ] – Individuals have abilities that can modify the base stats of others around them

F ] – Abilities are applied over a radius and can be scripted using conditional statements

F ] – Individuals can be purchased and discarded from the Acquaintance category

[ X ] – In game bonuses are supported - Will

[ S ] – The Introvert gamemode functions as a whole (timer ticks down, final score is tallied, etc…)  - Final score still needs to be calculated, but just about everything else is working.  The game is “showable” – I can sit down and walk through gameplay.

[ X ] – All codebases are merged - Rob and I have been working on different files over break, so we need to merge them together and get synced back up again.

[ ] – A set of abilities are designed for gameplay demo - I’ve started thinking about and taking some notes on the formulas we’ll use to balance the final game.

[ X ] – A set of bonuses are designed for gameplay demo

[ S ] – Graphics for game UI are finalized for demo

[ ] – A set of individuals have been graphically designed for demo

[ B ] – Short gameplay trailer - this is meant for showing to press more than public

[ B ] – Applications for contests - tomorrow (February 1st) I’ll be rushing to get in a last minute submission for the Experimetnal Gameplay Workshop

[ B ] – Assess February goals

[ ] – Individuals are given their own animation states and no longer use the default graphics.

Current Status – Holy crap, who invented this school thing?  All kinds of fun things went wrong with class registration, so that’s a fairly big worry right now.  Other than that, getting into a schedule with classwork, getting used to waking up earlier, etc… is sucking up some free time. Hopefully I’ll hear back about contests soon, and can get back into the swing of regular development.

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