The Organizer

I’m going to make an attempt to walk you through some of the stuff that’s been happening recently with the Organizer.  In case this is your first time hearing about it, The Organizer, it’s an arcade game I’ve been working on with a friend, Robert Adams, and is currently slated to come out in 2014.

In the Organizer, you meet new people, and then drag them into boxes so you can accomplish your own goals.  People give you different benefits based on what categories you place them in.  Sessions are quick, fast paced, and give you different challenges to complete from different perspectives: the introverted, the extroverted, managing cliques, and so on.  Each game mode has its own set of mechanics, and each challenge forces you to use those mechanics in new ways.

Early Prototype

At it’s heart, the Organizer is a representation of different mental models.  We’re working to make an environment that feels elegant and efficient – as accurate and personal as a mental space should. In a lot of ways it’s a game built on top of a system, rather than the other way around.

OrganizerPlaytestingWhat that means for our design is that we’re putting a lot of effort in to making the base system, stripped of all of it’s mechanics, really easy to use and useful, like building an operating system or any other application.

There’s a lot to do still, but hopefully that’s enough to pique your interest.  We’ll have a trailer out fairly soon, so keep checking back until then.


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